pizza, thick applewood bacon, hot Hatch chiles, 3 extraordinary cheeses

The pizza is actually quite large and not all that thick. The photograph is deceptive.

I'm getting really good at estimating flour.

The amount of water is one cup and that determines everything else.

I'm nearly completely out of white flour.

Four tablespoons of whole wheat that I milled myself here a long time ago were measured into a cup.

Then two tablespoons of semolina flour were measured into the cup. That nearly filled the cup.

The rest is a little over a cup of white flour, the end of the package. So it worked out very well. The dough did not rise as regular bread. Pizza is unleavened bread. It does rise a bit not fully as bread does. So the dough was stretched out rather quickly without any aging as usual. 

It's very good pizza with its three excellent cheeses, no mozzarella, which is like no taste at all, however a bit hot due to the chiles and a bit tough due to the crisped jerky-like bacon and sturdy by the variety of flours. Those things have a lot of salt so less salt was used in the dough.

I've been eating this thing all day.

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