Whole wheat bread toast, pork tenderloin and eggs breakfast

It's not whole wheat such you buy a sack of whole wheat flour. No. It's whole wheat grain that was malted in intention of using for making beer and milled here at home. 

It makes a world of difference. Honestly, I've never tasted anything like it. The bread is truly outstanding. While the loaf itself is just, eh.

And now I have deep concern that this is not possible to repeat.

You see, CoBrew moved from downstairs directly below me. The glass blister was theirs that stuck out beyond my own balcony and that water from my plants dripped on and messed up. Maybe they couldn't take me anymore. Maybe I was the straw that broke their back. Maybe they just left instead of talking to management. 

It could happen. 

Now I bought malted grain from an outfit on Amazon. 

But I have no confidence it will be as beautifully malted. So I bought a lot of malt to enhance it either way. Now I have malt for other things like chocolate milk and ice cream. 

I discovered the coffee bean grinder works fine for milling wheat berries. It blasts through them much more easily than it does corn. Although it can only do very small batches. 

When I tasted this bread I couldn't believe this isn't already mass marketed. There is a giant blank spot in our national bread production and distribution. I am certain that anyone who tastes this will prefer it immediately and eschew all previous bread preferences. 

It was so easy to do. Only 1/3 the total flour content is this malted whole wheat kernels. The rest is standard Gold Medal bread flour.

The pork tenderloin is muy delicioso. Over marinated. Under baked. It is very easy to eat. And it goes very well with fresh pineapple as it does with fresh berries. And it's so cheap when compared with beef tenderloin. Both of those things are excellent to cook. Thin slices like this are very satisfying. 

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