Salmon tempura and fries

Sauce = soy sauce, water, honey, ginger, toasted sesame oil, red pepper flakes.

Shrimp salad with grapes

Tons of fresh basil, an entire bell pepper, snap peas, and honey mustard vinegar. That's the brown stuff the color of coffee, made with the immersion blender.

Steamed lox soufflé

Prepare a light roux add powdered mustard and pepper but no salt (lox is salty) diced onion, minced garlic.

Add milk and a splash of wine.

Separate two eggs, white into a mixing bowl, yolks into a ramekin.

Grate Parmesan cheese, scoop bits of cream cheese. Prepare (cut up) lox.

Temper the yolks with with the sauce and remove from heat. Add everything together. I added capers and lox but you could use anything.

Whip the whites. This gave me the chance to play with the immersion blender. This is the fun part. I used the whip attachment. (Once I used a wire wisk inserted into a power drill, that was fun too.) This time I added a little sugar and cream of tarter to help the egg whites but it isn't necessary.

Fold the sauce with all the tasty bits into the egg whites. Transfer the foamy mass into the right size bowl, place the bowl in a larger pan of simmering water, cover and allow to steam for abut 10 minutes.

It deflates immediately, but that's OK.

My cast iron pan has a lid with bumps on the inside designed to allow moisture to drip evenly back onto whatever is cooking inside. It's fine if moisture falls on your steamed souflé, it won't hurt it.

This was incredibly delicious. Egg and cheese, how can you go wrong? This particular brand of lox is a bit too salty. Anything would have worked. Regular salmon, any fish, ham, bacon, broccoli, anything.

Masa harina to tortilla chips

Mix masa flour with water. That is all.

The pressed masa must be pan seared for a few seconds before being deep fried otherwise they fall apart in the oil.

These chips are more delicious than you'd imagine. It's totally worth making them by hand there's simply no comparison with packaged tortilla machine produced chips. It's easy to do, inexpensive, and most of all, it's fun. I've been enjoying these with all kinds of flavored hand-made hummus, another thing that's fun with the immersion blender.

Spaghetti with chili

The chili is a hamburger patty flavored with Worchestershire sauce s/p with onion, garlic, diced tomato, and Hatch chile. Sort of a pico de gallo with beef. It's hot and at the bottom of the bowl.

+ Parmesan
+ Fresh basil

Pacific salmon and pasta salad

Made from a fish the boss of a friend caught in Alaska with his two bare hands. And possibly with a pole and a hook.

Pene pasta and a whole bunch of other stuff. All my favorite things including pineapple, grapes, olives, yellow pepper, tomato, English cucumber, hand-made mayonnaise with ginger, garlic, cinnamon, curry, fresh basil from the Aerogarden(tm). Did I forget anything? Pene pasta, snap peas, onion, celery, sea salt. Lets see, mon mon mon mon, oh yeah, sweet pickle relish and feta!

Lox breakfast

Continental breakfast, the continent being North America, which is larger than Europe so naturally its breakfasts are larger too, and the breakfast being the lunch kind of breakfast.

Sometimes we drink coffee out of mason jars here in America because our advanced sense of casual chicness permits it. With vanilla.

Diced onion, capers, diced tomato, cream cheese, orange wedges, all of that.

Sliced sandwich ham.

Two eggs poached in ramakins to make them behave.

Pineapple pepper salad

Yellow pepper
plus onion, broccoli, snow peas, grapes, tomato, lettuce, shrimp and hand-made mayonnaise with hand-made prepared horseradish added, plus sel gris.

Peach glace

6 Large overly ripe peaches
3 limes, just the juice
1 cup simple syrup, boiled down to be thicker
1 oz. Grand Marnier to prevent complete freezing.
dash of salt

Sauted vegetables with shrimp

Favorite vegetables into a hot saute pan in the order of a stir fry, it may as well be called an American stir fry. Toss while you continue to chop the next round.

When it comes to the garlic, just bash a clove with the side of a knife and create a little space in the pan just for it. Add a touch of oil to get it going separately from all the rest, which is crowding around it. Give it a few seconds.

Toss in some frozen shrimp.

Splash in some wine and cover.

Give it a minute under the lid while you chop some herbs

Serve with hand made mayonniase.

Watermelon glace

Watermelon processed
fresh lime juice in quantity
simple syrup
1 oz Southern Comfort to prevent complete freezing.
dash of salt.

Diet hamburger

Seared slightly then steamed violently with wine to finish.

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