Beef loin, sukiyaki style soup

Sukiyaki style soup. Half the steak is used, so 8 oz.

This soup is very good. The liquid uses a few Eastern flavors; soy sauce and sake, but the rest of the ingredients are Western. 

This is one of four such steaks. The Food Saver isn't working as well as when it was new. It runs but it doesn't switch to seal by itself, it just keeps going and going. The sponge gaskets are removed and made wet then returned. This is one of the things people complain about in reviews on Amazon. I live in a very dry place so it is ordinary for them to go dry rather quickly. It worked like new once they were wet. Maybe oil will work to keep them sufficiently supple to work. 

Bacon and eggs with toast

Regular breakfast.

The whole idea is to stab an egg yolk with a toast point like this:

and then eat it.


Bacon, the cheapest in all the land. 

Intended to flavor beans and lamb and low fat hamburger and things that lack fat and flavor, and not for anything like this. It is too thin and too irregular, not sturdy enough to be a bacon sword. That could have stabbed the yolk too, but not this bacon. 

I am also disappointed in this bread. It's not really bread. I consider the whole thing hoax bread.

You can prove it to yourself by looking through your favorite basic cookbook and follow it to make a loaf of bread. Any basic cookbook or any bread cook book.

Any instruction from the internet.  

I know by milling wheat. 

I know what is required to make whole wheat fluffy. 

It must be altered into something that is not 100% whole wheat. 

What did they do to that whole wheat flour to make the loaf this fluffy and insubstantial? You rarely see much sugar in bread recipes unless it is for something like cinnamon rolls. 

This bread is wrong wrong wrong. And Sam's club made me buy two loaves of it instead of just one.

Even the birds won't touch it, and it makes terrible toast. 

Back to unsalted butter and it tastes so pure. 

Did you notice how they do the maths for you on the wrapper? 

Check it out, Checkitouters.

The famous Chinese symbol yang and yang.

Both fiery and assertive. It represents dynamism with very little give and take. 



Fruits orange à la crème. 

Extraordinarily insistent metal wand.

Naranja con crema batida. 

Oh hush. I'm warming up my face to make those sounds it doesn't usually make. Phonemes wot ain't in words I bin usin'. 

It is not a spell, Persey, it is more a positive insistence. Here's the idea.

Tear it up and keep the best part. One could also say optimus but this is the best of the bestest.

Bummer. That's all you get. 


This is no way to put on pounds. 

I'm not even bringing out the cream, I'm just that lazy. The refrigerator is right here. I am opening the refrigerator door and pointing to cream. 

Different wand. Less insistent. This wand is persuasive

Magical leftover roasted chicken and potato

Same leftovers so exactly the same thing as before except different. No lettuce this time and I went out there and picked some basil and some mint. Also the Pepsi is already here and so is the ice and the glass. Heat is also included in the pile.

No specific directions this time, just do it directly and enhance. That's all. 

It's the same thing as the omelet yesterday except not rolled up, it is simply piled. The eggs are scrambled the failed sauce way and they are excellent. I should have put some powdered mustard in the pile. 

It took both lighters. That was stupid. Should have left them out and used ambient heat. 

Chicken, potato and cheese omelet

This is the roasted chicken bits in its own aspic that I have a bad attitude about.  

And this is leftover potatoes with onion.  

Queso Mexicano. 

It's just a pile. The pile is similar to mise en place in regular cooking. The closer the assemblage to the final product then the faster and easier and more sure the magic.

Tap tap

Oh good! Just how I like it, with extra sauce too. 

Mashed potato, chicken gravy

The thing is I did not care to eat anything much less cook anything far less clean anything afterwards therefore I must transform something magically.

It's the only way when you're this lazy. 

These potatoes come from the magical land of Idaho so that really helps. 

They are small, but no less magic. 


So there's that. 

Oh, almost forgot.



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