Capellini, mint


mustard, a lot, to predominate
honey, a lot, to balance
peanut butter, a little,
vegetable oil, a tiny amount
lime, a little, for citric acid
rice vinegar, a little, for acetic acid
chile flakes, a minuscule amount
salt, a minuscule amount
black pepper, a minuscule amount

Pizza, sourdough crust

Sourdough starter, the pet sourdough, saved up for a few feedings instead of discarded then turned into this. Turned into half of this, the other half regular dough. 

But the stretched dough was not baked right away. The situation changed so the stretched  dough already proofed was frozen. But only overnight. Warmed up to room temperature the next day, the dough picked up where it left off the evening before.

This is red chile sauce, preparation shown earlier. Sheesh. I used Blogger search up there in the corner ↖ instead of the list down there ↲ to get the last one, and was stunned how many pages I had to scroll through to get to it,  like it started at the front.

It bakes as sourdough bakes. Had I waited until the crust turned brown like ordinary dough then the rest of the pizza would be dried burned and ruined. Had I brushed the edges with oil before baking, the crust would not be so pale. The crust is extra thin and crispy as a cracker, and delicious as sourdough, with a little extra time aging and proofing. 

The delay gave me the idea to make pizza crusts from the portion of sourdough pet usually discarded even without an immediate plan to use them and then freeze the disks one by one. Collect frozen individual sized pizza crusts that way. 

Dinner salad, Parmigiano tuiles

Tuile means a thin curved cookie usually almond. This is Parmigiano cheese. I'd say it is common, [cheese tuile] 161,000 results presently, I'd provide a link, but then that would be self-referential. I see my own things there. I forgot I did this with macaroni and cheese like a sandwich.

It occurs to me having made so many crackers that shredded cheese and flour, any kind of flour, makes a nice cracker and those can be lacy and curved too. 

And now that I did it this way like a basket, it looks like a taco to me. 

You can do this in a pan too.

Stays pliable for a minute. It changes from melted to hardened quickly so no time to mess around. This is a vodka bottle.   

The original salad idea was more involved than this, toasted pecans, possibly shrimp, or some other readily available protein, there is cooked chicken in there that needs to be used, and very good sandwich ham that goes in things like this, bacon, other more serious vegetables, fresh green beans, broccoli, those could be steamed, green onion and such but I wasn't up to it. There are two other food-related things going on concurrently, and a few non-food related things too. 

Corn and sweet potato soup

I forgot to finish with cream, that was the original idea. 

There is still more than double this amount left. The whole time I was thinking about including masa harina but I wanted the sweet corn flavor to predominate before I did that, also chipotle. 

At one point the corn cob was swimming in toasted butter and steamed up with dry vermouth then chicken stock, my own, and covered. 

Omelet, bacon, green beans, mushrooms, blueberries

There is asiago cheese in there, and I forgot how good that stuff is. Also more of the crunchy lettuce mixture inside, the same as on top, so surrounded by the same mixture, basically fluffy egg wrapping a crunchy lettuce center with cheese.


Soba is noodles made mostly from buckwheat. 

Buckwheat is not a type of wheat, it is not in the same group of plants. The plant buckwheat is a scraggly shrub and its seeds are somewhat triangular. The seeds do not have gluten but the noodles are made with regular wheat flour also for its adhesive qualities, usually 80% ground buckwheat seeds, and 20% wheat flour. 

The base is chicken stock, the commercial flavorings are soy sauce, sesame oil, and white vermouth this time instead of sake. 

The noodles are boiled for about 90 seconds, a little longer at altitude, until they soften. They are rinsed in cold water to rid surface starch, careful not to over handle, they are delicate more so than regular pasta, then doused in ice water to completely halt cooking action. The noodle-water reserved to include in a sauce or a broth, the same way as with Italian pasta.

Winner winner chicken dinner

Potato and sweet potato base.

The chicken is buttered lovingly all over. I saw that on Julia Child, she was a freak about this, I mean come on, it's dead. 

The chicken is roasted at 350℉ upside down so that the juices inside flow downward through the breast then flipped right side up at the first half hour.

It appears to be raw but it is not, the cooked darkened portion is now on the bottom.

Checked on the hour. Internal temperature 165℉, done, but I like it overdone. My preference is for the meat to begin falling off the bone. The timer is set for an additional 25 minutes.

Oil and vinegar, salt and pepper.

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