Teriyaki chicken thighs

That is a yellow tomato.

Teriyaki sauce: 

* soy sauce (about 1/2 cup)
* mirin (I'm out of mirin)
* rice vinegar (three tablespoons)
* 1/4 cup granulated sugar
* 1 level teaspoon corn starch
* garlic
* ginger

Heat to boil to thicken, paint on. Baste or repaint every ten or twenty minutes for one hour. 

I used:
* sake instead of vinegar
* honey
* brown sugar

My chicken thighs were brined, overall fairly salty. Sauce tasted too salty, added sugar to correct.

Raspberry bread pudding, fried egg

Personal size sourdough pizza

Reach out and touch taste.

Your own


Cheese us.

Something to cure your pangs

Your hunger pains.

Pick up the receiver

I'll make you a becheeze a-a-a-h. 

Fried egg, hamburger, chickpea polenta

Here's look'n at you, Kid.

Hummus, chickpea mush, less than 1/4 cup dry beans, any kind, this is chickpea, plus 3 X that same amount of water. The same container filled to the same level three times. Butter, or course, for body and additional flavor, salt, of course, because all things like that are blah without salt, thereafter anything to one's heart's contentment in very small amounts, chile powder, garlic, any herb, cinnamon, cumin, to mention only a few, everything I've tried so far is delightful. Cheese, if this is a thing by itself and this can be a meal in itself right here, and a very good meal too.

The second of two blu cheese Angus burgers with additional blue cheese on top. The meat is so thick it could still use more cheese. The steak was better. This too could be a meal by itself.

Fried jumbo egg, a meal in itself.

Maybe I had just doll this up with a lettuce skirt.

Three perfectly suitable meals stacked.

Hamburger, blue cheese, heirloom tomato

This hamburger has blu cheese in it and I like that idea spurred by the recent steak with blu cheese on it surprising me with its combined excellence. How is it that this combination is coming to me so late? It will be blu cheese with steak for now on. This Angus hamburger indulgently has blu cheese in it. 

But not enough.

Not enough indulgence.

They always do that too. Come on! If you get, say, sausage with jalapeño or chipotle in it you can bet with assurance you will not be able to taste it. Because they've already experienced pansies complaining and know even a little is too much for some so it's lowest common denominator all the way every time, so just forget it.  I've been disappointed on that score a hundred times. Here too. Not enough. Better to buy it separately and slap it on yourself, or if you want it in there then make it yourself. 

Tomato, oh my. 

Pro Hint: In most large grocery stores I've seen these ugly tomatoes separated to the side when they have them, forlorn and lonely like orphans due to their unsightliness, their cooties exiled, Cinderellas, oftentimes going soft just sitting there so long ignored. Go straight to those and buy all of them no matter the shape or the color. Except the squishy ones. You'll be amazed. And thereafter regard all those other perfect tomatoes as...

...such vapid little snowflakes. 

These ugly tomatoes are like saki, and vermouth, Marsala and Madera in that they all make things they touch better, deeper, more interesting.

Raspberries in cake

These packages are $1.00 and that's why I bought them because I was looking at the huge pile of these packages and imagining people picking them, and thinking, man, back on Jupiter these are like, $5.00.

150℉ inside ↑
It needs to be 200℉ like bread, ↓ , I'm imagining.

I do not know what I just did but it sure is tasty. Too strong, though. It's like eating straight raspberry preserves almost. Not enough cake. But it sure is good, boy, for guessing I hit right on. Needs ice cream, whipped cream, something to dilute its awesome tart power. Its texture is like soufflé not so heavy as bread pudding, and I do have a lot of extra plain bread around so that will work to extend this.  

Mussels, wine sauce, garlic bread

Wanna see my mussels? * flex, flex *

We like shallot a lot. 

But I didn't like this one. The paper would not come off.

Like it is glued on. Or part of the whole outer layer. I fussed with it for minutes and finally cut through it. 

Butter and white wine, sauce right there. The mussels release liquid and that mixes in. I added a diced heirloom tomato and that one thing made this dish. 

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