Pork chop, pineapple, blackberries

Pork chops were baked on high for ten minutes.

Whole wheat bread

1.5 cups water
3 cups flour 
1 teaspoon dry active yeast
2 teaspoons salt

For a 100% hydrated dough. But it's not actually by weight, rather, by presumed weight and that turns out to be wrong because the flour scoops are mounded, not level, and because 1 cup of flour is whole wheat which is heavier. 

So the dough is not that wet. It's actually a bit stiff. 

To compensate, the dough as it is being kneaded is held under the running tap to coat the stretched dough entirely with water that is worked in. Twice. This loosened the dough nicely, but not so much as actually wet dough. All this means that it will not rise to open crumb when it bakes in the cloche. And it will bake to 200℉ and still be a bit wet, a bit heavy inside. 

I'm low on all types of flours. 

This is actually 

.5 cup malted whole wheat milled at home
.5 cup white whole wheat given to me at Christmas
1 cup all purpose flour (middle protein)
1 cup bread flour (high protein) 

Jalapeño and Romano cheese omelet

The sliced jalapeño is fried first and removed from the pan.

Generous butter in the hot pan.

3 beaten eggs dumped into the browned butter.

The cooked edges pulled into the center all around, building up the center. Liquid egg flows into the vacated spot. 

All around and repeated such that the center builds up and outward toward the edges. 

Within one minute the egg is nearly cooked.

Fried jalapeño slices and cheese with some of the lettuce placed on top of the puffed up egg disc.

Folded in thirds and rolled onto a plate. 

So easy that even an expert could do it. But you very rarely see it done well. 

I must now pray.

Dear Lord, thank you for making me so ace that I can produce omelets with great ease better than I ever see out in the world at large done by professional chefs. Amen.

kombo bonito dashi with miso and rice, napa cabbage and tuna

This is really good. But my spoon tasted like metal.

Jalapeño and pineapple burger

Fresh pineapple, two fried jalapeño peppers inside the hamburger. It's actually 2 quarter lb hamburgers.

Jalapeño burger

It's rather large, about 1/2 lb.

Overnight bread

Made in the NYT no-knead style with Turbo yeast developed for brewing. 

Originally I tested and rejected the yeast for being too slow, although named Turbo. 

And for producing tiny bubbles. 

It worked fine for overnight proofing. 

The idea is to produce a very wet dough with hydration around 100%. That is, by weight, the weight of flour equals the weight of water. 

By this approach, 1 + 1/2 cup of water goes with 3 cups of flour. 

1/2 teaspoon of yeast was used. 

Wet dough is a bit tricky to deal with. A cookie sheet is used to transfer the dough to a pre-heated clay cloche of they type marketed to bake chicken. Except this time the cloche is not soaked in water. Baked at temperature high as a home oven goes. For half the usual time. 

I want to make a cheese sandwich from this bread. The kind with cheese on the outside as well as the inside. 

And I want to toast and smear butter and fruit preserves. 

Kombu marinated salmon and tuna

I saw this on t.v where a new style is developing of pressing things between sheets of kombu for a few days in the style of gravlax. 

There's a word for it but online I cannot find anything that matches what I saw on t.v.

I've had this twice now, and it's better when rinsed. The method can be used for vegetables and for ham. 

Napa cabbage and shrimp



Seven magical Asian flavor ingredients.

One and a half minutes later.

This is the best thing ever.

And an hour later you want to do it all over again.

Blueberries with cornflakes

Ham omelet

Late night snack.

Early morning, actually.

Hey, time's not my bag.


Wet pineapple is diced finely and coated with corn starch to prevent the crust from becoming soggy.

Two whole fresh jalapeño peppers are better than marinated peppers because they roast along with the pizza. And roasting is the way to go with peppers.

Juice: pineapple, red beet

Raw red bell pepper

Tuna salad

Made in a style similar to Hawaiian poke.

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