Ham sandwich, Kaiser roll

Have you ever tried something sweet or tart on your ham sandwich? It's like cranberry sauce with holiday turkey. This is orange marmalade.

To go with the regular stuff, not in place of it. So mustard and orange marmalade or chutney or whatever. 

Could a few random chile flakes hurt?

The rolls are dough rolled into ropes tied into a knot with the ends tucked in. They're trying to be a Kaiser rolls but they're improperly formed. 

This sandwich was delicious but poorly constructed. Slip zones. Too wet. It could not be held together tidily or even successfully, divided, both sides soaked their napkin mummy wrapping and fell apart. 

Chili with meat, bacon, black-eye peas, fruit and spices with lots of turmeric

Con una banana y una manzana. Es una banana no es un plátano. ¿Sabes?

The banana and apple are rolled uncooked into the chili as if it were a sauce. The idea started out as beans with banana, then I thought it would be good if the banana were starchy like a plantain but I do not have a plantain around here right now so I used a sweet banana instead and switched to potato for the starch. I also wanted to use up about 1/3 LB of lean ground chuck.

The beans need fat and unction and help with flavor, and the ground chuck is too lean, so the fat and flavor of bacon is included and only the finest will do. This is the house brand around these parts. It is similar to Tesco. 

See? I just told a joke. That is cheapest bacon available.

So there is the fat rendered from the bacon and that fat is used to start off an assortment of seasonings. I scanned the spice cabinets for things that I know will work and for things that I do not usually use and for things I might miss. 

* coriander
* cumin
* cinnamon
* chile flakes
* black pepper
* salt
* nutmeg
* turmeric added last

Let's just call it a curry.

* brown sugar
* one level tablespoon flour

* onion
* garlic
* dry sherry
* water
* small tin diced tomato
* 1/3 LB ground chuck
* one large Russet potato from the great state of Idaho. 

Enhanced cheeseburger, homemade Kaiser rolls

Proofing box.

Anchovy paste is smeared around the bowl, salty and icky in itself but not bad at all in combination especially when cooked, fresh onion and garlic powder, so there are the alliums, black pepper, mustard powder, ginger powder, chile flakes, and orange marmalade for something sweet. 

Cheeseburger, warm napa cabbage salad with Asian dressing

Spicy shrimp on rice

I channel my inner Thai for a thing like this and reach in all directions for elements that will stimulate every type of taste bud receptor that I can think of, set them against each other competitively to heighten the experience, example, salt heightens sugar and sugar heightens savory while battling bitter and balancing sour, capsaicin strikes with prickly heat and shoots through things like arrows, so I use all that, sit back and enjoy the war. The war can be toned down to a boisterous battle and the boisterous battle can be toned down to a loud party but the idea stays the same.

Having said all that, this was mild.  

Bacon goes well with scallops and shrimp, the bacon grease is drained off and a measured amount combined with butter for the oil portion of the sauce. Spices are heated in the oil with a small amount of flour for a light roux, wine is added with chicken stock, finally the shrimp sectioned scallops are added. 

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