Individual meatloaves with broccoli steamed in wine

Diced onion not shown

Soy sauce.
Worcestershire sauce
Chile flakes
Cumin powder
Black pepper, no salt (bacon has a lot of salt)

Poblano hamburger, Spanish rice, smashed black beans

The red sauce is tamale sauce made earlier from a variety of red chile peppers. 

The poblano chiles are two weeks old, languishing in the refrigerator crisper

The beans are made from dry black beans pulverized in a small electric coffee mill and microwaved with fresh garlic, diced fresh serrano chile pepper, cumin, coriander powder, bacon fat and 2X water.

Rice is short-grained Japanese style rice in olive oil, diced onion, smashed and diced garlic, turmeric, s/p, diced fresh tomato added after the rice was steamed in homemade turkey broth for 35 minutes. 

There are a lot of elements here. A restaurant is better equipped to have all these things on hand and ready for other plates, whereas the home cook must prepare each thing individually for this one meal. It is a lot of preparation.

1) steaming and flavoring rice
2) preparing and flavoring beans 
3 grating cheese
4) broiling and preparing poblano chiles
5) frying hamburgers
6) picking cilantro leaves
7) dicing fresh tomato
8) acquiring red tamale sauce

Boston cream pie with strawberries

Psych! It's a cake, actually.


Raisin bread for bacon and egg breakfast with bean polenta

This dough is incredibly easy to make. Brown sugar caused the yeast to take off like a rocket. It is made with milk and brown sugar.

Eunice, I TOLD you keep that rabbit out of the house.

Kidding. They're raisins.

I forgot to add egg to the dough batter so it is brushed on now while the dough is still flattened.

The size of my pan determines the size of the dough.

Dry Anasazi beans (my current favorite) milled to powder in coffee mill, microwaved in 2X water with favorite flavorings,garlic, chile powder, butter. Stirred at least three times between pulses to avoid the powder clumping as it rapidly absorbs water.

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