Cheerios cereal, banana, strawberries, blueberries


Like you never saw. The taste sensation that explodes from this tiny bowl is surprising, you go, "Wait, wait, what? That came out of this?" It looks so plain and ordinary. Its transformative ingredients that make it seem magic are fresh grated ginger, rice vinegar and fruity olive oil. 

Meatball with angel hair pasta, lettuce

Beef gravy with red wine. Blue cheese dressing.

The dressing is made with incredibly strong Roquefort recommend by the guy at Tony's market. It is not pleasant by itself, was not good with potato either, but it is fine here diluted and still very strong, still too strong in my opinion, but I think it would get an A+ from most men due to its uncompromising assault on the senses. 

Hamburger, homemade buns

Hamburger buns

These are going to be needed in a minute.

Cream of poblano soup

Arts !


Arts !

The base is commercial beef stock. Usually you'd start off with ham hock, salt pork, bacon, or some kind of protein, get it going in the pot and little fat and flavor rendered but this did not do that and, honestly, it could use something like that. Cheese was added, not shown, but that does not quite make up for the body that is missing. It is a light and pleasant soup and it is satisfying enough but I would like more fat in it so I think I'll add bacon to the rest and fix that.

Pork with rice, Napa relish

Chicken ragù, polenta

Ragoûter, revive the taste. Ragoût, ragout, ragù, rags, ropa vieja.

Nyeah, what a dummkopf, what a nincompoop, what an ultra maroon, the whole idea was to make a chicken ragù using mushrooms and after all that I forgot to use mushrooms. 

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