Peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Smooth peanut butter and raspberry preserves to be exact.  

When I was five years of age I considered this type of bread total failure. Uneven coarse texture. Disqualifying holes. Too chewy for my little teefs. Tsk tsk. 

My child-values were different. I had it explained to me, good bread vs mediocre bread, but none of that matched to my values. I looked for synthetic sponge-like perfectly even texture. Softness as cotton. When smashed it turns into a flat piece of paper. Always perfectly white. Always soft tender crust. Nice wide cuts. Baked foam. No evidence of grain. None whatsoever.

Spaghetti sandwich on homemade bread

This is leftover from dinner last night. 

Refrigerated. That's Latin for "again friger ate." 

Meanwhile bread is started casually as can be. 

1.25 cups purified, filtered, Rocky Mountain fresh water straight from the continental divide that you can actually see right from my apartment balcony. Come on, Man, that's exactly like the Coors commercials. 

Except when you go to the Coors brewery in Golden Colorado, right straight up 6th Ave, right there, hop over to 6th, zoom out to the foothills, right at the spot where the highway goes into the foothills, ye gods, that place is so incredibly nakedly functionally brutalist. Ugly as straight up hell. If I recall this correctly, to enter the facility you walk alongside a cement block slurry for water apparently rushing into the building, dark and foreboding and not at all like clear mountain water. I recall zero charm.

You expect at least a fake out mountain stream. People put those in their back yards. But not Coors. 

You wouldn't drink mountain stream water anyway without your LifeStraw purifier. 

Shaggy dough started carelessly at night with scant 1/4 teaspoon dry yeast and 1.25 teaspoons sea salt. 

I just cut it with a knife and pushed the pieces around in the flour until all the flour is absorbed. Then adjusted with additional flour three times to get the desired dryness, while counting the cupfuls to ensure I don't do anything ridiculous. Double the cups of flour to water. Thereabout.

The next day ↓ kaboom. It lives. 

Four edges are pulled up from the bottom and folded over the top creating a new wrap-around layer. The bowl turned 90°, the dough pulled out the same way again and folded on top again like playing Patty-cake with the dough. 

It rises again ↓.

Folded again ↑.

It rises again ↓. 

Here is where this multiply-folded dough is interesting. Its crosshatched molecular construction does not like to be stretched out. I need the dough to be longer than a ball so that it fits into a pre-heated clay cloche shaped for a baguette, not for a boule. 

The dough will not elongate.

I love the way the loaf is like a balloon.

I had planned to toast the bread with butter and garlic but then with the bread straight out of the oven I favored the freshly baked bread over toasting it. Bread so fresh that I had to actually wait for it to cool down a bit before I could cut it, but I did not wait the full time. Do I look like a crazy person over here who patiently waits the full time? No. I cut into the freshly baked bread soon as I could. Like everyone else does.

Spaghetti with meat sauce

I woke up before sunrise. It is 10:30 pm and this is the first meal of the day. It's been a day of fasting discounting the quart of almond milk throughout the day that must amount to a meal, sort of, wouldn't you say?

I am not even hungry. I am only eating this because I am imagining a doctor telling me that I should. But that's my imagination. I thought up someone to nag me.

Hamburger spring rolls


Hamburger patties fried earlier, cut lettuce, pickle relish, spring roll wrappers. That's all. No additional anything and they taste fantastic.

Toasted potato, bacon, fried egg

Boiled in the microwave incrementally to eight minutes.

Almond milk 6

Banana chocolate malted shake with almond milk

Ground beef patty, toasted potato, cheese sauce

Iced tea


* 2 quarts filtered water
* 1/2 cup sugar
* 3 tea bags
* 1 lemon

Earlier I posted using five lemons and the peeled skin of all lemons allowed to leach into the sugar for a sort of county fair type lemonade but that assumes that you'll drink only one glass and not the entire two quarts in one day. That is way too much vitamin C for one guy to take in one day.

How do I know this?

Vitamin C is water soluble. I find, when I have too much of it, then it comes out of my tongue a bit painfully. It feels like irritating dots on my tongue clustered in the area around the tip. Tingling. The dots can be scraped off with a toothbrush but they reappear immediately until the vitamin C is exuded. Weird, huh? 

This weaker version is very good tasting and it allows one person to drink the entire two quarts in one day without vitamin C overdose tongue extrusion irritation. 

Egg, hashed browns, poblano pork chile, cheese burrito


Breakfast burrito, alright? I was tired of typing that. The thing is, when you buy a package of tortillas then you must eat them or else they all go to waste. 

The whole thing is toasted on four sides and that really does change everything. 

Almond milk 5

This time, separately in a little machine, five ewey-gooey Medjool dates were processed with one finely chopped up Mexican vanilla bean with part of the two-quarts filtered water set aside for this. I kept the little machine chopping until it stopped making noise.

After processing the almonds through the larger juicing machine with filtered water and with this date and vanilla bean liquid, and with over three-fourths of the water remaining, the dry processed near-dust material is dampened with part of the filtered water and re-processed.

Four times.

Over and over, end over, Andover, the dry discarded material is reprocessed this way and less and less dry material is produced each time. That means more and more of the dry material is passing through to finished liquid. 

        Why do they call it milk? 

I don't know. 

        Let's guess.

Marketers hope to have consumers replace dairy milk with almond milk so they use the word in common circulation with definition meaning the liquid exuded from mammalian female organs that give life to infants before the infants can process solid food. These marketers are awful people. They don't care about fidelity of meaning to language. They are willing to mess that up if they think they can profit. 


What? What's the answer?

        "Because it is white." 

Oh man, I was gonna say that! 

You know chocolate products have vanilla in it, right? 

I am re-using thick heavy dairy bottles originally used for chocolate milk. The color of this almond milk is darkened with Medjool dates. This has more dates than usual, twice the vanilla bean than usual, it is darker brown than usual and it is bottled in chocolate milk bottles and all that together means that as this ages a day in the refrigerator, all those thousands of vanilla bean seeds continue to give their flavor to the liquid so it gets stronger as it goes and near the end of the bottle I could swear that I added chocolate when I know that I added only vanilla. 

Total fake out.

This batch has much more solids in the bottles than all the previous runs. I am hoping to get a much stronger flavor.

Breakfast burrito

There is the softness and mildness of avocado and egg then a deep roasted flavor that is not apparent from these ingredients.

Where did that come from?

Oh, the Hatch roasted peppers included in the chile, and there are only two tablespoons of that.

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