Chile rellenos omelet-style

Poblano chiles are roasted.

A sauce is prepared.

Multitask. The chiles are watched and rotated while the sauce is prepared.

Chicken breasts are too large and fat to stuff inside so they're sliced in half as planks.

Masa harina with salt and pepper is substituted for flour. Treated corn for wheat. The masa is used to coat the roasted chiles so that foamy egg coating can hold on. 

Masa on the chiles, masa coating the chicken, masa in the egg foam. The flavor of corn tortillas permeates throughout.

Huevos rancheros


The first time I had huevos rancheros I was seventeen years old. I and a few blokes from work stopped at friend's house. The guy was a roughneck motorcycle dude. A small man in jeans and boots and jean jacket and long hair. The house was tiny in Englewood. My other two friends were second generation Mexican who did not speak Spanish. Although they took it in high school and their other friends spoke it so they both had an amusing street-comprehension. 

Swear words.

Flour tortilla, chile on top, eggs on top of that. Cheese on top of that. 

That was it.

If you search in your browser then click on images you'll see the whole world for huevos rancheros. 

I thought that I had pork chile in the freezer but that turned out to be containers of poblano soup and beef Burgandy and yam pie filling. 

So I thawed one of the containers of poblano soup. Then added bacon and jalapeño to buttress it. 

Hashed browned potatoes are not part of the dealio, Emilio. 

I do have beans but I wanted potato.

I used an entire avocado for one plate. 

A friend of mine from Boston has a lot of hosting experience. One day in Denver at a third person's house, he was preparing placed salads. He said, "I wish there was a way to get pepper on only the avocado." 

I said, "Let's try isolating the avocado and peppering it up heavily. Then add it back." 

He said, "Brilliant!" 

As if he hadn't thought of it.

That has nothing to do with this. Here, everything is peppered heavily.

Breakfast burrito

For supper.

Ham and provolone in the refrigerator so I used it.

The tortillas are gigantic. Much larger than the regular dinner tortilla.

I like white beans. Pinto beans are proper for this. These white ones are northern. But I don't care. They're my beans so I make what I like.

The beans were cooked in a regular pressure pot. One smoked hamhock and one half bag of beans. 


Chicken wings, to be exact.

And I've never seen wings such as these. They're large. They come in a four pound bag.

The amount plated was fried twice. The rest was put back into the plastic bag that they came in and returned to the freezer. Now all they need is the same final dehydrating fry. They can go into the oil frozen. Cooked a little bit longer than the ones that I ate tonight.

Coco Roos with banana

They're exactly like Coco Puffs except marketed differently.

Naturally and unnaturally flavored and with Malt O Meal. Love it or its free.

I love it. I love it. I love it.

So it's rather expensive for me.

And when you are done, there you are, with a bowl of chocolate milk that started out white.

I now open a banana as monkeys do, just break it open in the middle. No more of this peeling down slices for me and holding it like an ice cream cone. No Siree. Now I'm a monkey. 

Oysters Rockefeller, Scallops Carnegie

Maybe I made up the Carnegie part.

They're similar in that they both have spinach and cream. The scallops have bacon and the oysters have breadcrumbs, Parmigiano cheese and Worcestershire sauce.

The oysters were otaltay astardsbay to open.

I figured it out.

You go for the joint in the back and even if there is no clear opening or line dig around there and be persistent at the spot and steadily annoying, unrelentingly forceful. Finally the oyster gives up and you get the point in. It's a fight. The oyster is fighting for its life and you being a lot bigger will prevail within one minute. Slip in the knife and sever its inductor muscle boom it's dead.

This was enough for two people so I invited myself and ate all of it.

If you would do such a thing as overeat oysters then they will certainly increase your sperm count. Even if you're a woman, so watch out.

The reason for that is because oysters are little sperm machines. I read it in Smithsonian magazine. Or perhaps saw it on t.v. They make clouds of it and fill the bays. That's why there are so many of them and why it's so unpleasant to swim during the season. Then, when you eat them, your body transforms their material to the easiest thing to convert them into. The thing that they're made of becomes you. In large part, but not entirely. Check it out and see for yourself. And if it doesn't work then you'll probably want to see a doctor.

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