Yogurt, honey, blueberries, grapes, mint

Homemade yogurt, obviously.

I wish I had realized earlier how easy and how great this is.

I've never been a fan of yogurt until I started making it myself. 

Salmon poke bowl

I wanted to use Sriracha but somehow I cannot find it. 

I do have the ingredients that go into Sriracha so I made my own and that worked out fine.

This is astoundingly good.

Soufflé, with my favorite ingredients

Extra filling was microwaved. This part doesn't have any cheese. 

Denver. My soufflés don't rise very much anymore. But the problem cannot be the altitude because when I was twenty they rose just fine. 

So what is it?

This time I whipped the egg whites to soft peaks so they'd be sufficiently elastic to keep expanding.

But that didn't help.

Maybe it's because I stopped using recipes. Maybe I'm expecting them to lift too much. 

That does it! 

))) whap (((( 

Next time I'll use a recipe.

But I don't mind it. I stopped making soufflés because they're too foamy. I considered them lady's food. I prefer they be more condensed. So it's not bad at all having them flat. 

But I hate the idea of losing my soufflé-mojo.

This was a very good meal.  I have no real complaint.

Juice: cucumber, ruby grapefruit, celery, pear

The taste is fine but I don't like the color. And that means it cannot be offered commercially. But that shouldn't matter because I'm not working on a commercial menu. But it does because I'm weird that way. Best to drink it in the dark.

Swiss chard, bacon, pecans

* Olive oil and to get the bacon rendering
* Rice vinegar to complete a dressing
* Fish sauce to substitute for anchovy, for depth and for body
* Garlic for the same reason as fish sauce and for punctuation
* scant sugar for balance and to expand the profile to sweet/sour.

1) The bacon is started in the pot but not completed
2) Pecans are added to toast, but less than the bacon
3) Garlic added to toast the least
4) Stalks cook and steam a minute longer than leaves
5) Finally the leaves are added with fish sauce, vinegar, and sugar

See, it's a stir-fry. And it's not afraid of a few Asian ingredients.

Juice: Swiss chard, celery, green apples, kiwi

The color of Swiss chard when it's juiced is an extremely unpleasant brown. The taste is okay, but the color is not. I strongly prefer it in solid form and not juiced.

Juice: oranges and carrots

I actually made two of these same juices today. And I did photograph the first but I was arguing online with a whole group of British nitwits and reformatted the disc accidentally before optimizing the photographs. 

This second one at night is identical. And it tastes the same; delicious. I don't know why this combination isn't available commercially. Just look a this gorgeous color. The carrot taste is present but the citrus predominates. It's a very good combination.  

Cornbread from popcorn, jalapeño, cheese, bacon

Soaked overnight to soften them a bit so they don't ruin the coffee mill, the way four previous coffee mills bit the dust. Literally.

Not a customary ingredient but it's sitting right there so what the heck.

Two regular sized eggs and a drizzle of milk added to dry ingredients. 

Baking powder added at the end after the preheated cast iron baking pan is buttered.

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