Cajun chicken breast

For onion powder, I had dehydrated onion that never gets used, so finally to avoid waste the dry bits were run through the coffee bean grinder to powder, and that does get used.

Cajun spice turns out to be rather basic, hot powders with a few dry herbs. Honestly, nothing extravagant. No need to buy specialty spice that is rarely used. Stick with the basics, I say.

* garlic powder
* onion powder
* salt
* pepper
* oregano
* thyme
* cayenne (for heat)
* paprika (for smoke)

Hand-rolled semolina noodles, beef broth

Beef broth from Tony's Market, best that I've found. It is fine by itself. Noodles rolled and pressed somewhat flat, they are thick and hearty and bouncy and fun.

Unrelated, you really must get to these tomatoes within a week or they go off on their own. 

Penne in beef broth with meatball

Three ingredients. 

I did not realize until last night how outstanding the beef broth from Tony's Market is. I concluded if possible never be without it. With meatballs already on hand I can have this as often as I wish throughout the day into the night. I'm already starving for more. No herbs, no spice, no cheese, no bread, nothing to dress it, the broth stands well alone. 

Beef chili

Simple enough, campesino in aspect the ingredients though are top end. Dry-aged rib-eye beef should never be used for a thing like this, but it is what I had and could not finish and I did not want to waste it. The tomatoes are San Marzano. 

In Texas the competitive chili contestants say, "anyone who puts beans in chili don't know beans about chili." I happen to like beans in chili, all kinds in fact, and I happen to like matching auxiliary verbs too.

Bacon spinach quiche

Half shot vodka included with cold water for its evaporative quality.


Blind baked.

Waterproofed with beaten egg.

Filled in layers.

Last layer ↓.

Salt, pepper, nutmeg.

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