Iceberg lettuce, blue cheese dressing

How'djew do that? 

It is a secret of the culinary arts held by their high priests upon pain of...

Show it to me.

Very well then.

Thin with milk, or cream, yogurt what have you, mayonnaise is already a complete salad dressing, or be different than everyone else, go out on a limb and consider wine or pickle juice, chile sauce, something to challenge the profile.

Easter 2013

To 108℉, it is like a hair dryer that blows on the bowl, beep, then it blows regular air to 90℉, beep, and it suggests you to add seed chocolate, to 88.7℉, and it is warm and liquid but not for long. I learned to keep the machine running while filling the molds instead of removing the bowl. Notice how close these up and down temperatures are to body temperature. Professionals keep a standard hair dryer nearby to blow on the surface of the chocolate.

Chronologically this came first. It is Han Solo in carbonate and it is very good chocolate too. I tasted one and thought, "Wow, that is a lot better when it is tempered like that." The discs do not taste nearly this good. Han Solo In lieu of a  rabbit. Maybe I had just get a rabbit mold and do that, make a nice solid rabbit because everyone likes that, but I do think this is more interesting. 

One couldn't take the pressure.

Pressure cooked 10 minutes at 7.5 LBS pressure. Put in cold straight from the refrigerator, cooked, then cooled rapidly by spraying cold water over the entire pot to collapse the pressure valve and release the lid immediately, and chilled with cold water. So shocked twice. Severely shocked. Twice. That loosens the attachment of the membrane between the shell and rest and makes peeling the eggs a snap. These hard boiled eggs are assuredly easy-peel eggs, and in Denver that is something of a feat. 


This book will be left at one of the doors. If it is stolen, then whoever steals it will get a very good book. 

I saw the lady who lives there with a little girl one time and I thought either one might like this, if not she can give it away easily enough. Have a look if you like, or else just skip the whole set. I don't know the lady at all, have not spoken with her, but I believe she can appreciate this book more than I do.

It's about finding fairies in flowers and in the woods. It does have some interesting pop-up mechanisms but it is mostly artwork. Lady-type artwork, and child-like peek-a-boo things. 

The book is cushioned luxuriously extravagantly and unnecessarily, the cover contains a lenticular picture of a fairy that appears in a locket, it is imitating a memorabilia album but not offering the user the chance to insert anything personal of their own, so it's not all that inviting. It purports to be somebody else's personal album.

So there is that.

Back to the baskets, which are actually brown paper bags.

The thing is the Easter Bunny has no judgement at all. None whatsoever. It cannot tell the difference between nutritious salad and candy, delicious Romaine from bitter cabbage, good candy like malted ball eggs and from awful candy like these Cadbury eggs. Yuck. But it's all the same to the rabbit. 

The humans will have to sort through the basket, which is really a bag, and use their own judgement about which things to toss.  

Lemon biscuits.

There was thirty yards of ribbon in the roll, fourteen bags prepared, so two yards each.


4:00 a.m. and not a peep in the whole place. I'm wondering now if I might have dropped a few of these in front of vacant apartments.  

Pork loin, Napa cabbage, apple, bacon salad

I was adding the water to this concentrate already then I thought, "Hey! That could maybe possibly perhaps perchance might conceivably potentially plausibly subjunctively work."

And hot chile powder too.

And it did!

I love it when a plan comes together. John Hannibal Smith, A-Team

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