apple fritters

This was a whim. I wonder sometimes how these things get invented. Then I realize there's a thousand ways to do something similar. Sweet, savory, processed to varying degrees. The same idea could be done with apple slices coated in flavored batter, like a sweet tempura.

* I grated my apple because I wanted to see what would happen.
* added cheese to mine because I like apple and cheese
* used cake flour because I'm out of AP flour and I didn't want to use bread flour. The difference is protein level. Cake=low, AP=medium, Bread=high.
* egg, because batter just isn't batter without an egg. Well, it is, but it's eggless then, innit?
* baking powder for lift
* apple because that is the whole point of the thing.
* cinnamon, Americans like to use a LOT of this. I don't. Which would make me Canadian, were I not born in Ohio to American parents.
* clove -- a minute amount for a secret BAM! behind the cinnamon.
* ginger -- powdered ginger which is a whole 'nuther animal from fresh ginger. They're both fantastic. I like to put them where you'd least expect. In small amounts so they don't take over and make people go, "Yo Dog, wuzup wid all dat gingah?" That would never do.
* sugar

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