Sauces are fascinat'n, aren't they? You can tell by the color and translucency it's a velouté, in which a light roux is whisked with some stock or broth. I used the chicken broth  the meatballs were soaked and stored in because it was there and I didn't care to waste it. Velouté is one of the mother sauces in French cuisine and a full hundred years older than Béchamel to which it's closely related. If you think about it, taking a hundred years to get from this to that, you're left to conclude there weren't all that many great chefs in France in the late sixteenth century. Just say'n.

All these wonderful things to put on pasta. How is it that marinara has the lock down on spaghetti in this country?

Oh blast! The whole point of this today was to put tomatoes with pasta, and I forgot the tomatoes! What a dunce.  That makes me want to go and eat a tomato right now.

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pajama momma said...

I am so sending your link to my sister, she is going to flip over your food and it's presentation. Spectacular.

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