egg rolls

Egg rolls:

* shredded cabbage cooked
* shredded carrot
* pulled pork cooked
* cilantro
* onion
* garlic
* salt
* pepper

set egg roll wrappers out on clean table. Keep unused wrappers covered with moist towel or plastic to keep from drying out. Spoon mixture onto egg roll, roll up half way, tuck in edges, finish rolling moisten edge with water plus corn starch as glue. Deep fry in 350℉ oil until golden brown. <-- 100% of nonsense. Psyche! Buy frozen and bake at 400℉ convection for 22 minutes. Same as fries. Parboiled in advance, frozen, baked at 425℉ 45 minutes. Frozen precooked shrimp. Ha Ha Ha.  

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