Kentucky brown

Saw this on Bobby Flay's Throw Down and got the impulse to try my hand at it. I think I got the layers wrong. Should be tomatoes on top of turkey, and this makes my sandwich a total affront to the world of browns and a lasting insult to the people of Kentucky. This damage cannot be repaired until I make it again and get the layering right.

Violates the "thou shall not overstuff your face" rule. One piece of bread would be sufficient.

*my sourdough bread which results in a rather dense French toast, which I believe was Flay's way, not the traditional way
*used roasted chicken of which I have a vast amount resulting from making broth, instead of turkey. Who wants to mess around with a turkey anyway? Every time I do I think, "Why not just roast an ostrich or an emu or something?" I suppose you could use sliced sandwich turkey. <--cop out.
*béchamel =butter + flour + milk + cheese



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