What can be done with canned tuna can also be done with a piece of fresh or frozen salmon, or any fish for that matter. Simmer the fish, steam it actually, for a few minutes in whatever liquid you like, water, wine, broth, or any combination. Four minutes max. Remove it before you imagine it's done.

With penne pasta and some favorite fresh vegetables. On a bed of Romaine lettuce with basil, parsley and tomato.

Another batch of homemade mayonnaise. This batch pissed me off. It totally wouldn't thicken just like the last time so I cooked it again (the jar inside a shallow pot of boiling water) like the last time, now that there makes me grumpy, but this time it separated and looked totally disgusting, which was distressing. Fixed the disaster by getting another jar, blending another egg with the same immersion blender then adding the separated mixture slowly into the spinning egg. It thickened right up within seconds, like it's supposed to be and smoothed out into a beautiful creamy mixture all before my awe-struck wondering eyes.  Cor!

*does the Happy Mayonnaise dance*

But still, it made a huge unnecessary mess. I do recommend trying this, I'm certain you'll be pleased with yourself. Miracle Whip™ people should add a teaspoon of sugar. Personally, I like 'em both, mayonnaise and  Miracle Whip, I inevitably add mustard to round them out so when I make mayonnaise, I pre-load it with mustard and whatever other flavor strikes my fancy at the moment. My mistake in both cases is adding the oil too quickly at first. Boy, when they say "add by the drop" they really mean add by the drop.  I can't wait to try again, more slowly next time (but only at first).  For this purpose, I shall procure a squeeze bottle.  <--- HaHaHa,  "shall" what a funny word.

My Belgians were like this mayonnaise. They could be naughty as hell, but put on a lead, run them through a few quick paces and they snapped right into shape. Startlingly so. Like little obedient Nazi dogs. It was a bit frightening, actually. It was like; resort to the thing they know they're good at, and all peace and order breaks out upon the world.

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