This is not technically a Caesar salad, it's not even close, but this is America and we do whatever we want and call it whatever we wish. Screw tradition. Once in a restaurant a very young darling girl of a waitress came bouncing back to our table and asked me what kind of dressing I wanted on my Caesar salad. My date and I accidentally burst out laughing. And that was mean. We didn't have the heart to explain it to her. The thing that makes a Caesar salad unique is how the dressing is prepared in a wooden bowl. It involves a raw egg and a smashed anchovy. Plus lemon and a spot of Worcestershire sauce, I think. And oil, of course. Croutons and a few flecks of Parmigiano. In the US, it's been distorted to mean anything with mostly Romaine. Rome, Caesar, get it? Actually, it was named after the guy in a Acapulco restaurant who invented it one night by chance from ingredients on hand who was named Caesar, the brother of the owner, and not for the emperor of Rome. There are several stories at variance regarding the origin of the salad, but that's the one I'm sticking with. OK, now these vitally important facts just might save your life one day.

croutons (sourdough w/butter)
Mayonnaise, (homemade) OMG, I can't get enough of that stuff!

Pilsner Urquell

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