smoked catfish

Savu smoker bag

These particular bags are for chicken but I used it for fish. I don't trust the one for fish to be strong enough. It was all an experiment. Since I  fired up the oven to high, and since the bags are a bit expensive, I wanted to get the most bang for the buck so I filled up the bag to capacity. That involved mixing salmon with catfish which I'm not certain is wise. I aimed for overcooked, dried out, jerky-like fish. I did that once on a grill and it was fantastic. I ate six whole trout that day because I just couldn't get enough of the stuff. Of course they shrank beyond recognition. 

savu instructions on the inside of the package 

frozen salmon.

frozen catfish

 cooked fish

I cooked the fish so far beyond what is reasonable I really expected them to be close to charcoal. What I got instead was fantastically moist, not at all overcooked, delightfully smoked fish. The texture and flavor of the catfish pictured up there could not be improved.  So I didn't get what I aimed for, but I ended up with something a whole lot better.  I was a little bit disappointed and totally delighted at the same time. So I'm conflicted. 

I recommend this product for smokerless apartment dwellers.  It seems to be idiot-proof. Didn't even set off the smoke alarm, which is set to supersensitive, even the toaster gets it screaming.  The kitchen has a faint aroma of alder smoke, but then I have an entire baking tray full of smoked fish still in there.  

The bags are hard to find locally so the internet is where to go. Amazon or eBay will have them. Since shipping is an added expense, I suggest going ahead and popping for a dozen. You'll definitely use them. I know I will.

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