breakfast eggs, bacon, melon, fruit

Ordinary American breakfast minus the customary coffee and toast, that is to say without a caffeine kick and without quick-start carbs. The fruit and melon are tossed in surplus Asian dressing prepared yesterday.

The pecans were heated for 1 minute while the pan was dry before the eggs were fried, so that little pan was used twice. Bacon in a separate pan. Bacon fat was lifted by teaspoon from the bacon pan into the small pan for the eggs to supplement and to flavor butter.

These eggs were supposed to be over easy but the first one went too long by about 30 seconds and ended up being over hard, which is fine with me. That's how I liked breakfast eggs when I was a little kid and couldn't deal with uncooked yolks. Plus it is easier to eat since there isn't any toast to lift it up.

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