carrot hummus beef burger, creamed spinach

This is an experiment to steam a hamburger rather than fry it. The hamburger is 1/3 milled dry bean mixture previously whipped up into a mild-flavored hummus. Plus one grated carrot. The mixture of 2/3 ground chuck, 1/3 milled chickpea (and rice), and one carrot, is flavored very lightly with a generic curry, and spiced with mixed chile pepper flakes. The large half pound burger is steamed in a regular steam pot, elevated by metal basket steamer.

The central post is broken off my metal steaming basket which makes it possible to load with something flat in the center.

The spinach is marketed frozen. It is thawed, squeezed of its liquid and heated with a B├ęchamel sauce flavored at the end off the heat with Parmigiano and lightened with sour cream. The spinach sauce contains diced sweated white onion and one smashed and finely diced garlic clove and pecans. I forgot to grate nutmeg over the top.

This burger does not have anything in that resembles a meatloaf, like bread crumbs or crackers, eggs, Worcestershire sauce, catsup or BBQ sauce.

You know what? This might be unAmerican but I think I prefer burgers with things in them more than I like straight up beef burgers.

This mixture made two such oversized burgers. The second one will be steamed in the shape of a meatloaf instead of a burger.


Rob said...

This just seems wrong on so many levels.

Beef Hamburger said...

Oh Wow! Well, you made a good point too. Considering it's healthy!

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