lamb with couscous

The boneless lamb leg was partially thawed by 25% , cut in half, and one half returned to the freezer. I could have easily used the entire leg without regret. 

The cubed pieces are coated with a single layer of seasoned flour. 

*  1/2 cup all purpose flour
*  heavy grinds of black pepper
*  3/4 teaspoon kosher salt
*  1 teaspoon ground fennel seed

Additionally, the lamb chunks are salted and peppered directly, but only on one side because I didn't feel like getting in there and turning around all the pieces. A thin layer of oil coats the bottom of a stew pot. The flour dusted lamb chunks are seared on two sides in batches. This pile of chunks took two batches which left considerable fond on the bottom of the pot. 

At this point the lamb chunks are taste-tested. The lamb is impressively tender. The lamb chunks could be served just like this and they would be perfectly fine. As intended, the lamb is braised in shallow water of a mere two cups and only for as long as it takes for sturdy vegetables to cook. In this period of braising the fond is lifted off the bottom of the pot and the seasoned flour that coats each individual lamb chunk that is seared dissolves into the water forming a flavorful sauce. Three bay leaves are added to the braising water. Wine would be a good addition. 

The vegetables are added to the pot as a stir fry, sturdiest vegetable first, including garlic cloves. Sweet onion last. The lamb braised for as long as it took for the onion to cook through which was added last. 

The couscous is plain. 1 cup of dry couscous scooped from the bulk bins at Whole Foods to 2 cups water. This is 1/2 cup more water than customary. The water is seasoned with white pepper and kosher salt along with two bay leaves. 

You will notice the glaring absence of chile peppers. *becomes concerned* ,* takes temperature*, * feels pulse*, *makes doctor appointment* 

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