lamb and eggs

Lamb and egg, actually, I am down to the last egg and it turned out to have two yolks which always fills me with glee and makes me a little sad at the same time, two twinges that are quickly overtaken by the image of gigantic chickens. The double yolks always come out of the jumbo eggs. This dozen eggs had three such double-yolked eggs. 

This is the last of the lamb stew prepared earlier, now with a biscuit or a scone whatever you wish to call it. This time the scone collapsed but is no less delicious and intriguing with sour cream instead of buttermilk or regular milk. That is probably the reason why it tipped over, there was no real liquid to form a sticky paste component to the dough that would have better cohered. I debated with myself at that critical point whether or not to add a little more flour, which was all right there and already opened, in order to also add a little milk in addition to the sour cream. I decided against it, and the lofty scone tipped over while baking. I don't care. Biscuit tins for support are another option, or I could fashion an aluminum foil cup. But I did none of that. It was sort of fun watching it expand and tip over like a building and then keep right on baking and expanding. 


This was done a couple of times using a bench scraper to build layers and to square off the scone. . 

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