Cavatappi e formaggio

Ha! Macaroni and cheese. 

But you know what? It's not regular elbow macaroni and it's not regular cheese and it's not regular sauce. 

The thing is, this combines the best of all possible cheese and the worst of all possible cheese.

This is the package front and back. It is shown first but added last. The tip of the package is nicked off, that's how much was grated and used.

The pasta is cooked to desired doneness. 

Spices are heated with butter, not much spices, whichever kind you want, but if you want  it to taste fantastic try tiny amounts of these:

* coriander seeds ground
* cumin seeds ground
* chile flakes
* mustard powder

* garlic
* onion

* wine, any kind at all, just a few tablespoons.

See what is done? These are all ordinary things. There is no thickener, no roux, because cheese will thicken it by itself. It's a matter of how thin you want it to go, even so thin as soup.

I used a combination of milk and cream. Mostly cream.

Nutmeg to finish and at the table. It's tasted on the surface but then as you progress the surface nutmeg is gone so I like to keep adding it as I go along. 

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