clear ice win

* 1 small cooler
* 1 freezing winter night
*  tap water 

In chipped shard form.

It's a hassle. And a wet mess.

Perfectly clear ice.

Gratis the Weather Channel. They reported on a lake with perfectly clear ice and two professional explaining it. 

The first woman apparently walking on it said the lake needed to be perfectly steady with gently dropping temperature so directional freezing from the top downward slow enough to allow bubbles to escape or to be pushed down along with impurities as the crystals are forming. 

Then a man in a freezing room demonstrated two masses of water, one large in a barrel the other shallow in a bowl. The bowl froze solid and was clouded, the large barrel froze a new lid of ice that the man lifted off leaving a barrel of water. The ice is perfectly clear. 

This trial did what the man did but had it to wait for nights on the terrace that are cold enough long enough. It is a hassle and a hazard with wet and slippery sharp knife also a bit of fun.

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