whole chicken braised in milk, broccoli raab

Jamie Oliver's recipe seen on Ace of Spades weekend food thread. 

The ingredients sound odd to American thinking, lemon zest goes with chicken and garlic goes with chicken and buttermilk marinades chicken very nicely, and sage goes with chicken, so far so good, it is the cinnamon stick that seems to throw it all off, but it shouldn't. 

Lactic acid in the milk does its number while its fat carries flavors nicely. The chicken has it's own fat and an additional stick of butter is added, so a lot of fat permeates the chicken.

Update: I don't care for this chicken. The recipe calls for a stick of butter. That's ridiculous. There is so much fat left over green from sage that the remaining chicken is stored in it as confit. The character of the elements is lost to combination except for lemon that predominates. The pervasive muskiness is unattractive, not intriguing, and a bit off-putting. The sauce is not good, both taste and texture are off.  It is not the moistest roasted chicken I've made. Simple braising with salt and pepper is better. I used an excellent chicken and excellent fresh ingredients purchased an hour before and for this. The method was not good for me. Marinating in buttermilk is much better. Even thinned buttermilk is better. 

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