curry chicken

My favorite chicken part is thighs with bone in, but this is boneless breast.

Online delivery, I order a package, and they're huge. One chicken breast can be four meals. It's ridiculous. 

Whatcha gonna do? 

I think curry means a lot of layered spices.

This has

* diced onion
* garlic
* ginger
* hot red chile powder
* cumin
* coriander
* asafetida (hing)
* salt
* black pepper
* sheri
* brown sugar

Oh darn, I forgot turmeric. 

The rice is ridiculously expensive specialized short-grain white rice. It was a test to see if it is worth it. I think it is. I'm not sure the difference in quality is worth the difference in cost, but it is the best rice I've ever cooked. I think if you didn't rinse it, the rice would make good risotto too. Tamaki Gold. That's the name of the brand, not the color of the grain. It's pure white.

But wouldn't it be cool if it was gold?

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