Jalapeño pizza

Perhaps 11 minutes at 500℉ was 1 minute too long. 

I had Denver Pizza Company deliver an extra large pizza to Floyd's today to coincide with the timing of my haircut. See, Denver Pizza Company is like 5 short blocks west of Floyd's on 11th St, down a hill to Cherry Creek. So it's a straight shot from one place to the other. 

And the kids at Floyd's are adorable and I mean it. This makes the fifth or sixth such time I did this so the pizzas are becoming somewhat famous. Always this kind because they told me they like it best. No more splitzees.  The girl who cut my hair today said, "Ooooooh, so yoooooou're the person who's doing that. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm starving!" 

All the other young women until today told me they had just had their lunch. Apparently they all do early lunch. And that made me worry the thing would sit there and get cold. But not today. As I sat in the chair getting my haircut, the girls came over to my chair one-by one and thanked me for this and previous pizzas. Then again at check out, two and three at a time, thank you, thank you, thank you. Altogether about twenty-five thank yous. And that's why I love them so. They encourage me to keep doing that. And man, what a payoff for neighbor relations. 

I copied Denver Pizza Company's pizza making techniques. I totally stole adopted no, yeah, stole their techniques. That's what I did. I copied them like a Communist Chinese mercantilist with no real imagination of my own. 


* Coat the entire dough wad in cornmeal and use cornmeal to press out the dough, top and bottom. This shoves texture into the dough.

* Fresh jalapeño, not marinated. Marinated jalapeño adds unwanted vinegar taste and their cells are already damaged, and they do not roast. Roasting fresh jalapeño along with the pizza is best. It's a Mexican thing, muy auténtico. 

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