Homemade corn flakes cereal

My box of commercial cornflakes has malt extract listed in ingredients label and I was tempted to go downstairs to the brewery supplier and buy some. I like using malt extract in bread and with chocolate milk and milkshakes. I love it in Ovaltine. I can see how that would contribute a rounded fuller satisfying flavor. As it is, freshly ground corn makes all the difference in the world. These cornflakes taste more clearly of bright fresh corn. Salt intensifies the flavor a bit and sugar brightens it.

One cup of freshly milled popcorn is mixed with 3 cups of water, 2 level tablespoons sugar, 1/2 level teaspoon salt. Cooked to boiling in the microwave. Stirring frequently because it tends to clump if you don't. Mine took six minutes. Now it's done. As polenta. The polenta is spread well as possible and the idea is to evaporate all three cups of water and lightly toast the lacy sheet of spread cooked corn. This takes a few turns for five minutes each turn in a moderate oven.

This can also be done stovetop in a large flat pan with less water and smaller individual batches.

Conclusion: Delicious and interesting but hardly worth the trouble. 

This really is one of those mass industrial things. See, [cornflakes manufacturing] on YouTube. Homemade is not worth the energy, human energy and electric energy, nor the time and detailed attention it takes, all that in and out of the oven for minutes until they are dehydrated and toasted to crispness. Exactly like making crackers.

It was a fun experiment.

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