Lobster mac and cheese

I do not have macaroni on hand, but that is okay. Mine is better. How so? Mine is made with 100% semolina and water. No egg this time.

The texture produced by extrusion through bronze or steel dies allows sauces to adhere much better than smooth textured pasta extruded through silicone dies. 

Cheese sauce is regular B├ęchamel with 20% more cheese by weight than flour. So, if four ounces flour then five ounces cheese. This is a mixture of two types, a soft melting cheese and a sharp cheese.

Lobster is cooked briefly as can be. The carapace shells added back to flavor the pasta water. You can do this with shrimp shells as well for seafood broth.

Crumbled toasted topping is important for variety in texture.

Could have used more lobster.


Unknown said...

It believe it should be "25% more cheese by weight than flour."

Btw, more animated GIFs on Althouse's site, please! :)

Chip Ahoy said...

Yeah, you're right

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