tuna on sushi rice with mustard seed, pecan and cucumber salad

This slicer will cut a continuously spiral disc. The additional comb-blades inserted into the slot next to the fixed blade will cut the spiral disc into spiral shreds. 

The blade was fit as far as it will go, the tips a bit short of the depth of the fixed blade so it scored the spiral discs instead of shredding it as it is designed to do. Bummer. Because that is the only chunk of daikon that I have on hand. 

Two of these maguro sushi will cost at least $5.00 if you are lucky and the place you go is cheap. So, nine of them would cost $22.50. But you must buy them in pairs.

The salad would be an additional $9.00. I just made that up. So, $31.50 right there. 

Plus drinks. Plus whatever else you are having plus tip.

You couldn't get out of the place for under $50.00. It's just the way it is. 

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