lox with avocado and bacon on small chubby tortillas

Ordinarily cream cheese and lox will be served on sliced and toasted bagel.

Thinly sliced smoked salmon  on bagel is a typical brunch menu item. Usually served with tomato and capers. The last time I had this in a restaurant the plate had been suffocating under plastic for hours. It can be transformed easily to hors d'oeuvre by dividing each half bagel into six bite size pieces so each bagel produces a dozen hors d'oeuvres. It is generally a mess with diced onion and capers falling all over the place and prepared too far in advance, as they must for entertaining, the bagel tends to go a bit soggy. 

This would be easier to mash the avocado and add onion directly. With diced tomato you have guacamole more easily spread and kept together. To Mexicanify it further a very light dusting of cumin will transform the whole thing quite wonderfully. 

These chubby little tortillas are amazing straight from the pan. I wouldn't trust them so much prepared in advance. They are easier to make than bagels and English muffins. 

Cream cheese ↑
Onion ↓

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