scrambled egg as failed sauce, strong flavored additions

The cheese is Whole Food's robusto (muy fuerte), lox (smoked, strong and salty) raw onion (a bit biting) serrano chile (very biting, modulated considerably by cheese). 

A small sauce pot instead of a pan as usual due to the technique of constant and rigorous stirring. The process goes very fast but it is unlike scrambled eggs made in a pan or on a griddle as breakfast restaurants do. This is the exact same way one makes an egg-based sauce that uses more liquid with something acid.

On medium heat the pot is stirred continuously scraping egg off the bottom concentrating on clearing all around in the corners. The cold butter melts almost immediately and that signals the egg is warming sufficiently to cook. The pot is lifted off the heat regularly while stirring continues so that the egg thickens as liquid and cooks as a sauce while avoiding forming curds as much as possible. The key is continuous stirring and regular lifting. 

Egg squeezes out water as it cooks. The longer egg cooks the dryer it becomes. Egg continues to cook even off the heat. The additions are dumped into the pot immediately and stirred in  to halt cooking with barely sufficient residual heat to melt the cheese and avoid cooking the lox.

See YouTube Gordon Ramsey to observe the technique. He's British. If he can do it then so can anyone else. ;-)

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