roast beef sandwich, pan-fried bread

This is my preferred bread for sandwiches presently. It has several advantages. It is dense and substantial while delicate and light without being airy. It does not compress on the roof of one's mouth. It is easy and fast to prepare in the amount needed per batch, so no need to buy a loaf of bread and have it sitting around becoming stale or growing fungus. And no need to buy a dozen tortillas or fixed amount of pita. There is no surplus, there is never any waste and it is always absolutely fresh as can be.

Anasazi bean paste. The beans are particularly suitable for this technique. Their texture somewhat mealy, they absorb water readily. 

Beans turned to powder using a coffee mill
Water 1 + 1/2 X the amount of beans
Spices to suit your contentment
salt/pepper, of course
garlic (here powder)
oregano (Mexican type, this time)
cumin (mere pinch)
mustard powder (because I like it)
chile powder (Dixon type, from New Mexico) 

Heat in pulses in the microwave, stirring between pulses. Four stirs this time. Stirring makes sure the powder does not sink to the bottom and clump. It is very good with multiple uses. Here the bean paste is used as a spread, but a substantial and nutritious spread. 

I recommend trying this with any dry bean on hand, but I especially recommend Anasazi beans and black beans. All beans work very well. I honestly do not understand why this is not seen in cookbooks. 

Roast beef purchased on sale from Tony's Market a few blocks down the street.

Tomatoes are never refrigerated. If you do not get to them within a few days they begin to wrinkle. 


Yvonne said...

I'm following you again, quit because I got busy. But I need your recipe for the bread. Do/did you already post of the recipe?

Chip Ahoy said...

Flour, as much as you need
fat, any type at all, even bacon grease
water, sufficient to pull it together
baking powder (not baking soda), sufficient to aerate the amount you have.

Alternately, pre-packaged white flour tortilla mix works very well. It has everything except water. (different from "corn" tortilla mix which is for tamales)

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