sausage and sage stuffing, yellow heirloom tomato

This is my own bread that has gone too stale in the refrigerator for sandwiches. Something must be done with it, bread crumbs, whatever. Two slices removed and diced, fried in olive oil. they are light as feathers with a satisfying crunch. They would be perfect for croutons on salads. 

Homemade cornbread made with 50% cornmeal from milled popcorn 50% flour, egg, butter, milk, water, sugar, salt, baking powder.

The cornmeal was cooked in microwave pulses, stirred several times, in 2.5 X its mass in water. After it baked one little chunk was broken off and eaten to test it -- moist and delicious and perfect, better than any I've had, but then  I could not keep off it. I returned pulling off chunks one at a time until 1/3 was gone. I was full. That was dinner. Odd, I know, but that's how I roll. The rest was left out to dry. It was still moist the next day uncovered. 

diced red bell pepper


unbaked ↑
baked ↓

The tomato has virtually no acid.


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Caution yellow.

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