American breakfast, bacon, eggs, toast

My dad ate this every morning of his married life. Except this is better. Better eggs, better bacon, and certainly better bread. Now, you may think that makes small difference. But multiply it by 365 then again by 65 and that difference amounts to something significant. 

Americans will have potatoes or corn grits along with a few cups of coffee. 

This meal is very good, but there is way too much of this going around. 

I have the answer to the question why everyone is so fat. But nobody cares to listen.


David Pearson said...

Hillary Clinton has stated she favors a tax on the price of bacon.

Chip Ahoy said...


Fredd said...

Replace the bacon with Johnsonville breakfast sausages, and lose that cruddy looking toast for an English muffin and you might have something there.

Chip Ahoy said...

That cruddy looking toast is the best sourdough you'd ever have the pleasure of tasting. And English muffin bought in a store cannot hold a candle to ones you make yourself at home moments before you eat them.

I'm telling you that I make much better bread than any bread that I've ever bought.

And I do have something here. But you must have tastebuds that work to appreciate it.

Check out previous post "bread from the sky." I insist, I've tried all types of bread. And this is the best I've ever tasted. It's healthier besides. And it's healthier besides.

Christina Haddad said...

Sunny eggs cooked gently in salted butter with two or three slices of buttered toasted sourdough and a glass of water. That's my breakfast everyday. If I had more time I would make bacon more often. This right here is how I start my day every day! Doesn't feel right when I miss my eggs and sourdough.

Christina Haddad said...

And your bread looks magnificent! Not a crud in sight.

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