chile rellenos, egg roll style

Edit: I forgot to mention that I was unsure if this particular Mexican style cheese, campesino (farmer) cheese is a type that melts. Not all of the white Mexican cheese do. Fresh type crumbles. It's why I bought this remarkably inexpensive pepper jack as back up. They're both large chunks and both inexpensive, actually. 

The two pans below are showing the cheese actually does melt. And the fried version has more flavor than the non fried version. My opinion is the pepper jack cheese is more flavorful and better for this than the more authentic Mexican cheese. But we're so far removed from authenticity by using Asian egg roll wrappers that it hardly matters at this point.  

These things need to be sealed completely. They're deep fried in oil. A leak causes a spattering mess. Three of these developed a tragic hole as they dried so they are double wrapped. It hardly matters as the wraps are so thin. This time I used only water with the corn starch that comes with the wrappers as glue. But it's better to mix in additional corn starch with the water to help assure a good seal. 

Also these are smaller than usual, although larger than when using won ton wrappers. The hatch chili peppers I used are smaller than normal. Usually chile rellenos use poblano chiles that are larger. You can find them in the Mexican section in rather large tins. If they're not hot enough to suit you then you can add a bit of diced jalapeño to enhance the heat. 

They're basically the same thing as jalapeño poppers except these are larger than jalapeños and hotter too. That was my choice this time, and it might have been a mistake. 

These are not traditional. Not the real thing. But they sure are easy and they sure are good. 

I used hot Hatch chile peppers and while each one individually is fine and satisfying, after five of them in a row my tongue is uncomfortable, feels tortured and damaged. But nothing that a pint and a half of milk doesn't ease. 


Calypso Facto said...

Those look amazing! I need a little more clarification though: You're frying them in the melted butter I think you're showing in the pan? Or are they deep-fried at some point?

Chip Ahoy said...

Oh! Thanks for asking. I forgot to mention. I didn't know if the Mexican type of cheese would melt. I bought two types to make sure. I'm showing how I tested to make sure the Mexican style melts and it does. It actually tastes better browned a bit. On the whole my opinion is the American style tastes better.

Your question is a great one. I'll add this bit iup there. I intended to but forgot.

Calypso Facto said...

Thanks, Chip! Glad I displayed my ignorance and asked. Can't wait to try this out.

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