diced potato in kombu and bonito dashi, miso.

* 46 second YouTube video, how to use kombu
* 2 minute YouTube video, how to use bonito flakes

Incidentally, I saw both kombu and bonito at Whole Foods store, and not the large one in Cherry Creek, but the smaller one on Washington. I wouldn't be surprised if the one on 11th has it too. 

They also have daikon radish and you don't see that anywhere else except the Asian markets. 

After seeing the bonito video I thought, rats, I do have tofu tucked in the back of the refrigerator. But the potatoes boiled earlier today are fine. 

I never see a portion of the kombu cut into noodle-like strips and added back and I don't know why. The texture is excellent, not exactly rubbery, but somewhat resistant, more interesting than al dente pasta. And it is delicious. Also, I boiled mine. I wonder why they treat it so delicately like tea. I like to see the water change color and have it impart more of its seaside flavor. It's a wonderful ingredient. 

Here I used azuki bean miso so it's a bit darker.

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