leek, potato, corn, jalapeño , bacon, aged cheddar

The leek is dirty and must be opened, soaked and cleaned.

This bacon is unbelievably good. Its smokey flavor permeates everything it touches flavoring every element pleasantly.

The bacon is removed from the pan with the rendered fat retained. Additional butter is added.

Milk is included without any thickener. The cheese is added in pieces with the heat turned off to that it doesn't separate. It melts and thickens into a light sauce carrying all the flavors added. 

Credit where it is due. Wisconsinites sure do know how to make fantastic cheese. This is aged cheddar and just eating it by the slice is an experience. I want moar!

This would make an impressive side. Here it is lunch. 

The cubed potato was precooked. It's half a cubed boiled russet left over.

The leek is dirty and rather old, the outside leaves withered and discarded.

I had corn on the cob but it languished in the crisper too long so it was tossed and a pantry tin opened instead

The jalapeño is another pantry tin, not fresh.

The bacon is excellent, frozen for storage. That doesn't hurt it one bit.

The cheese is top quality, sliced, intended for sandwiches. 

Usually you would make a sauce from a roux but I did not do that. Just heated milk and cheese. 

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