tenderloin steak, white beans, sweet potato casserole, broccoli and scallions

Vegetables seared on high heat in butter with lid on the pan removed to a serving plate
Steak seared on high heat one side, then flipped and pan placed in preheated oven to finish.

Start with a room temperature steak. 

Now, this is the method that chefs use, a short strong sear on harsh direct stovetop heat and finished with soft surrounding indirect heat in the oven, both for less time than you'd imagine. Stovetop imagine your own hand being tortuously branded as cattle with a hot iron until you cannot stand the thought anymore and that tends to get you to remove it more quickly than not imagining that personal pain. Shut of the oven and the stovetop so no more electric heat. You must stand there and don't do anything else. It all goes very quickly and that soft oven heat counts for a resting period because everything is calming down when the steak is flipped. 

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