Denver omelet

Western omelet, Southwestern omelet, not a true omelet, Chinese style omelet, fritata, call it whatever you like, substitute however you wish, but you must admit what we call Denver omelet today was designed for early railroad workers and developed on campsites using camping equipment and spread over time by cafes using grills for their breakfast menu. 

It's just such a drag reading pinched opinions insisting it be called something else if it has cheese, or tomato, or bacon included. How did modern cooks become so opinionated anyway? It speaks more to lack of creativity than it does to advanced knowledge. Do whatever you wish, but try to have ham, diced onion and bell pepper.

I don't care for green bell pepper. It's just my individual thing. Why bother when poblanos are available with a lot more character? I prefer anything else. Here jalapeño and that right there will evoke cries from cooks stuck in their ways to call it something else. You never see recipes cal for jalapeño as Denver omelets are reckoned unchallenging.

Do you imagine cubed ham is the only form possible, that sandwich ham will not do? Will the earth stop if you substitute sliced turkey? Must you abandon your idea or call it something else? 

Do you imagine early railroad workers slipped their form of omelet into an oven or under a broiler or into a salamander? If so, then you do have creative imagination after all.

The egg is whipped up for some air. I should have used the smaller pan that would have resulted in a considerably thicker western style omelet. I had some difficulty turning it out onto the plate. My spatulas are designed for a single egg.

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