butter burger

After all these years I finally have my hamburger act DOWN. 

The two life changing tricks are:

1) compound butter inside the meat patty
2) potato bread for the bun

Homemade mayonnaise with a lot of mustard powder. Sugar added as well, and a lot of cayenne. I could have added ginger but I didn't. Rice vinegar instead of regular vinegar because that is my favorite.

Honestly, no joking around, this is the best burger that I've ever made. I enjoyed it quite a lot and it challenges the hamburgers I get downstairs at BurgerFi and that's saying something because theirs are very good. Now, finally I can aver with confidence that mine are even better. 

Plus I learned that I don't have to use so many herbs in the butter. I can back off considerably and they'll still be great. And I cannot overemphasize how much a difference the potato buns make. All the difference in the world. 

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