peanut butter and jelly crackers

Raspberry preserves, to be exact.

My cheese crackers are all gone. Five trays of crackers, gone, just like that. 

The light ones are better and these are all mostly dark. They bake much faster than cheese crackers. Nine minutes at 375℉ will do it. 

The peanut butter that I have on hand is chunky and there isn't much of it. But then a little bit of peanut butter goes a long way, it is an exceedingly powerful flavor. As my cheese crackers kept diminishing rapidly I kept passing a bowl of these peanuts. I have lot of these so I processed them a handful at a time with a tablespoon of flour so that the coffee bean machine doesn't bog down. It worked!  Very well, actually. Now my coffee will taste like peanuts. 

No it won't. I cleaned it by grinding a few kernels of popcorn. 

Now my coffee will taste like corn. 

No it won't. I lied. 

These crackers taste surprisingly good. Both flavors, peanut butter and raspberry preserves come shining right though.

On impulse I added a teaspoon of cayenne because I like that surprise bump in everything. It's subtle. But it sharpens the flavor profile beautifully.

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