cheese soda crackers

I had leftover stinky cheese, a few ounces, and leftover hard cheese of non-descript blandness, a few ounces, and new aged Wisconsin cheddar, also a few ounces. Plus 3/4 stick of butter grated into two cups of flour. 

* two level teaspoons baking powder
* generous pinch of kosher salt. (The cheese and butter also have salt.) 

The cheese and butter count as fat. These crackers have a lot of fat. 1 cup of water would be 100% hydration by weight to the flour. And that is too wet. So more flour is added to dry it up a little while still being wet but not tacky. Two handfuls did the trick.

The careless dough ball is divided into 4 segments, one at a time they are crushed into a snake shape nearly the length of the silicone mat. The snake flattened and rolled paper thin right off the edge of the silicone mat and trimmed with a bench scraper. The trimmings are collected, the dough still sufficiently wet to form a 5th snake shape, so 5 trays are baked in sequence for 11 minutes each. I have 6 of these trays with silicone mats just for this type of thing, so it's like a restaurant over here. They are moved from top shelf to middle shelf in the oven as they go. At the end some trays are returned to the oven, or parts of trays are returned to the oven for a few minutes until the crackers snap when broken. I'm eating these things as I go. 

Because the dough is so loose and wet they are amazingly easy to roll out. The whole project goes very quickly. 

I forgot to mention these also have a trace of cayenne and generous tarragon. They are interesting cheesy crackers. There is nothing like them because I just made them up by improvization.  

And you can too.

Come on! Be a sport. Try this. You'll love the result.

Man, this Mexican shrimp cocktail is good. Now I'm going to be afraid to order this in a restaurant because I doubt they can make it good as this. *sticks out hand* I bet. 

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Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

I do a similar improvised cheese cracker. Same thing, what ever cheese is around. I find hot pepper (just a bit) really helps. Tarragon is an inspired pick too.

I sometimes use semolina flour, which gives it a more cornbread crunchiness.

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