Torrone, Italian almond and pistachio nougat candy

Bags of nuts are heated so that they are hot when dumped into the mixture at the end. Along with pistachios and almonds, these include pecans because those are my favorite.

Lemon peel is rasped off a lemon, here a lime and an orange because I couldn't find the lemon I bought.

Two egg yolks are separated into a mixing bowl to rise to room temperature. 

Honey and sugar and corn syrup are heated to 310℉, the hard crack stage.

When the sugars, whatever your combination, reach 270℉ then the mixer is turned on to beat the egg whites to soft peak stage.

The melted sugar is slowly drizzled into the beaten egg whites.

salt and vanilla extract are added.

The heated nuts are added. 

The more difficult the mass is to handle then the firmer the toffee will be. This was extremely difficult to get out of the bowl and still the toffy is malleable, tends to spread and still sticks to each other as gooey toffee after it is cut. I am not allowing the sides of the pieces to touch each other or else they will connect. 

So then, this is a meringue candy with gooey near caramelized (but not quite) sugar added to it and containing your favorite citrus flavors, your favorite nuts, or your favorite dried fruit. 

Edible wafer paper placed on the bottom of the pan then on top of the toffee to help make the gooey candy manageable. Some confectioners dip them in chocolate, others coat the tops with white or dark chocolate. 

I should have used more than three egg whites, then I could have used all the nuts that I heated and the pan that I used would have been filled to the edges and higher. Eh. Live and learn. 

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