Philly steak sandwich with cheese, jalapeño and onions

Nobody uses rib eye steak for a sandwich. You don't do that to a rib eye steak. It's just not done.

Picked up this rib eye for $8.00, on sale, while a steak sandwich like this across the street is $11.00 and they use mild jalapeño, what's the point in that (?),  and worse cheese. 

And my fresh out of the oven potato bread is excellent for this. 

Excellent, I tell you. I am so pleased to have made this discovery. It changes everything. 

You see, green jalapeño peppers are not ripe and that's why they benefit from pre-cooking. Doing it this way guarantee that a singe is put on each one and that alters them beautifully. A Mexican guy on t.v. taught me that, and they know a thing or two about chiles. 

My sandwich is better than what I can buy across the street. No brag. Just fact. 

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