Mexican shrimp cocktail

Shrimp is boiled in clam juice that comes in a small jar found usually where the sardines are at the grocery. The clam juice picks up the shrimp flavor and is added back to cocktail mixture.

We cook types like to boil the shells of the shrimp because a good deal of shrimp flavor is locked up into the carapace. The liquid is strained, obviously. 

It's a nice combination of diced vegetables.

* about a cup of diced tomato
* a few stalks of celery
* an English cucumber
* red onion, I used sweet onion
* I used a sweet red bell pepper
* one large jalapeño pepper

* one pound of shrimp pieces
* 1 jar of clam juice
* half cup of catsup
* hot sauce, I used habanero

* dash of cayenne
* salt
* pepper
* bunch of cilantro chopped (I added mine after these photographs)
* one cubed avocado
* 1/2 pickle juice (mine is from bread and butter pickles, kind of sweet) 

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